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Daniele De Rossi
06 August 2007 @ 09:59 pm
*waves shyly*

I'm Daniele De Rossi, defensive midfielder of Roma. Please do not think of me as "the one who elbowed McBride." I mean yeah I did that but it wasn't intentional, I promise! It was a crime of passion, so to speak =]

But anyway I guess that's why we're here at Bad Boys Camp-- for anger management. Or so Spalletti tells me. To be honest, I'm just here to have fun and goof around with the boys. >=]

And I can't wait to meet Blatter! Aight, I'll see you guys around! =)


ps. I think I have ADHD. *hyper*

pps. And my Oscars outfit was totally rented. from Mexes. Shoulda known better :\

ppps. You think they serve ELBOW macaroni around here... I'm starved.